70-284 or 285?

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Hi all,

I've passed my 70-270 exam and I'm thinking about going for either 284 or 285 because we will be evaluating our usage of our current mail package and might move to exchange. I have heard that it is best to get the 290 and 291 exams done at the very least before tackling any exchange exam. Is this true?

Can anyone post any helpful advice? Thanks in advance.



  • jescabjescab Posts: 1,321Inactive Imported Users
    I would say that is true. Also after you do 290 & 291 all you need is an elective and you will have your MCSA.
  • jackarmy83jackarmy83 ■□□□□□□□□□ Posts: 9Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks. 290 it is then!

    If I do 290, 291 and then either 284 or 285 does that count as an MCSA?

    Also, which is perceived to be the better exam, 284 or 285?
  • Gabe7055Gabe7055 Posts: 158Member
    No you need to take the 284 to get the MCSA messaging. 284 and 285 together will count as your electives for MCSE messaging. 285 is a design exam just like 70-297 or 298 so I would defiantly go with 284
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