ICND2 Tomorrow

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Wish me luck!


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    Good luck! Take it easy the day before, relax and I'm sure you'll pass.
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    Good luck! You've got this!
    CCIE Security - this one might take a while...
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    815 icon_sad.gif

    Frame-relay had me abit , need to brush up more.

    About half way through, I thought that I would fail by atleast 50 % , it was extremely hard.

    I was also getting frustrated as most of the commands I wanted to use weren't available / disabled which made me stare at stupid questions for long.

    Better luck next time.
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    oh men..a little bit more and you could've passed. Moving on, now you know where exactly you need to study more. Don't let this drag you down man..You can do this! Review your exam objectives again and when doing practice labs..understand what show commands you need to use to troubleshoot accordingly.
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    I know how you feel. I failed my first icnd2 with exactly the same score, and just like you, I thought I would fail by much more. Did you run out of time as well?

    Give yourself a few weeks to brush up on topics that gave you trouble, you'll pass it next time.
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    Ahhh frame-relay.

    Sorry to hear you failed, dude.
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    I felt a little frustrated also when some of the commands I wanted to use weren't working. Frame-relay can be a little challenging but I just experimented with it in Packet Tracer and I got a feel for what it is.

    What were your percentages for the objectives? How were you with RSTP/STP?
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    switch - 73 %
    ip routing - 86 %
    ip services 67 %
    trouble - 71 %
    wan tech - 63 %
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    Based on that, I'd probably take a few weeks and go over all the material, especially covering anything you aren't sure on. FWIW, switch/routing/troubleshooting, make up the vast majority of your grade. You did well in routing, so the switching is a good area to focus on.
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    get 100% on IP services and you will pass.
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    mikeybinec wrote: »
    get 100% on IP services and you will pass.

    IP services is only roughly 6 %.
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