Win 2k Pro or XP Pro cert?

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I was at the thrift store and found the Sybex Win 2k Pro book for $6. Just wondering if I should even bother with that exam or look instead to going MCP with Win XP.

I'm currently not employed in IT. If I go XP i will need a study guide. If I go 2K Pro I will need the OS (though I have Adv Server Trial).

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    I would go for the 70-270 XP exam, I think it will last longer. And besides some new features such as fast user switching, welcome screen, ICF, Compressed (zipped) folders, etc. and a couple of minor differences, they are pretty much the same. If you are going for the 70-215 after this, a potential future employer certainly won't mind if you got XP instead of 2000 for the client requirement.

    Some find the 70-270 to be more difficult because the questions are usually longer...
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    Win XP is needed, but 2000 and NT still running many houses.

    I will go for 2000 first... then upgrade.. U never know how Bill change his mind to mess up everything ...
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    I'm personally going for the 70-210 first because it's on the MCSA 2000 and 2003 requirements. I'll be able to take that one, and then decide from there which track I want to follow. I may eventually take the 70-270, but it probably won't be unless I'm required to for one reason or another.
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  • lazyartlazyart Member Posts: 483
    70-270 is an option for both MCSA and MCSE for 2000 or Server 2003. And yeah, XP would last longer than 2000 would.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    Personally I would suggest MCSA W2K and then add the + security or the 2003 upgrade (or both in my case). XP isn't going to be around that long from all accounts and it is close enough to W2K for most people to understand it.
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    I went for XP, as someone else said in another thread, Xp is similar to 2000, just more features, therefore you could argue that if you get Xp, you know 2000 pretty well too, but if you oly have 2000, your Xp knowledge is questionable.
    Also I read the Server 2003 study guides and all the client server lab are using XP.
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