Passed CISSP Today Oh boy!!! :(

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I am delighted to have passed of course...... icon_cool.gif

I passed CISSP exam today after 5 gruelling hours! I'm not sure what to make of it to be honest. It was more a test of my English comprehension skills, than my knowledge of the 10 domains.

I haven't sat an exam yet where the questions were worded in such a way where they were almost opaque. I understand the need to test one's understanding, but at times I found myself laughing at the deliberate ambiguity, (and confusion), of the questions. I had a 50/50 on something like 50% of the questions, so lost heart and began to 'best guess', which doesn't seem right to me. icon_sad.gif

I should feel elated, but can't help feeling a bit flat as I don't really know what swung it for me. The worst part of this is that if I hadn't have passed, I really don't know how I could have studied any better for a retry.

Onto CISM for December, so we'll see if that feels any fairer......


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    Welcome and congrats on the pass.
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    I agree, I remember telling myself about 3/4 of the way through that if I failed I would not retake the test because all of the studying and memorizing crap only helped for maybe less than 10 percent of the test.

    It always makes me cringe when I see people studying 4 or 5 different materials and memorizing pages of info for the test.

    I felt the same way after the test. I almost felt that I could have just taken the test with no studying and been in the same boat. Although I will say that studying (however ineffective for the test) did help me in my current job.
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    Congrats on passing!
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    Congrats, what's next?
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    Congratulations! What materials did you use to study for it?
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Study materials used:
    Eric Conrad, Transcenders, cccure (paid), VCE, loads of youtube videos on weaker areas, some Shon Harris, Combined Notes, McGraw Hill web based practice questions.

    I wish I could say which one of the above was most useful, but not one of the above prepared me adequately for the question format.

    I followed a pretty standard study path tbh, Eric Conrad book, followed by various test engines. The number one reason I passed was that despite feeling very glum about the experience, I made myself stick it out. It's 6 hours of my life and a lot of money to lose if I gave up.
    Especially when I forgot the exam date completely for an earlier booking, but that's another story. icon_redface.gif

    Good luck everyone embarking on this. icon_study.gif
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    Test of English, you are dot on it as I am using Wordweb pro to read meaning of words i don't understand in practice questions :)
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    Any feedback on transcenders? Quality v/s questions on exam?
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    Forgot to congratulate you on your passing :)
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