Writing your own mock lab?

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Like others here, I've been busy preparing for my lab exam next year. I'm trying to use all of the various study methods (video, books, audio, practice labs, mock labs, etc), but there are still some things that aren't quite there yet (luckily, I still have five months). I was wondering if anyone out there had tried writing their own mock lab, either just for personal use, or to share among friends/forum members? I was thinking this morning, that if I reserve the labgear.net DCV lab for three days straight, and design, build, and document answers for a mock lab, it might really help me grasp the subject, as well as preparing for an 8 hour lab. I'd probably design the lab loosely around a client install I did in February, modified to fit the labgear layout and Cisco gear (Install was UCS/Nimble with Juniper networking gear), and make sure to focus on the areas of the lab blueprint that I know I'm weakest in.

Any thoughts? I know everyone learns and studies differently, but I think it might help me, and maybe help others, having another mock lab workbook they could use to practice with, if anyone else is working on CCIE:DC. Of course, it would only work for people who work for Cisco partners and can access labgear.net
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