Seeking additional study material for ICND2 retake.

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Well I just took my ICND2 and shot a 683 on it, well short of what I need to pass obviously. Here's the score breakdown:
  • LAN Switching Technologies - 64 %
  • IP Routing Technologies - 57%
  • IP Services - 0% (sigh)
  • Troubleshooting - 41%
  • WAN Technologies - 88%
I prepped with Odom's ICND2 book and purchased the simulator that they offered as well, I read the entire book and took notes along the way and then went through every sim lab available. I thought I was sufficiently prepared but clearly that was not the case, I got absolutely smoked on RSTP+ which had quite a few questions and when I look through Odom's book, RSTP gets about four paragraphs in total, including the sentence "However, with the current exams, Cisco defers the deeper discussion of RSTP until the CCNP Switch exam and the CCNP certification." so I guess I just didn't pay it much mind, whoops.

I know I struggled mightily on STP in general so that's an area I'm going to have to get better in, and I thought I was in pretty good shape with IP Routing Technologies and Troubleshooting but my scores don't seem very reflective of that. My IP Services score sucks but there was probably only a question or two about it from what I can remember so I can't feel too terrible about it.

I feel like what I really need is more practice-exam type questions that test my knowledge more than anything else. I don't remember every single command for every single protocol but I feel like I've got most of those down and understand what they do in terms of configuration. I'd really like to retest in two weeks, assuming I can find a center open the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so if anyone has some suggestions for supplemental material to help me shore up the areas I'm deficient in, that would be appreciated, thank you in advance.


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