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I have this exam in 7 days, anyone got any advice on what to study most.

Lee H


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    Good Luck With That.
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    I hope you are not planning to take the exam without some studying. Even an experienced IT professional will be challenged passing this exam ;)
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    GOO LUCK!!

    make sure you know DNS, group policies, permissions, back-ups, shadow copies & IIS like the back of your hand
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    Well, I had no DNS on mine, but I agree, you need to study a lot.

    You should know Microsoft NT Backup in and out. I even had a sim question on this one.

    You should know SUS, and all its nuances.

    Share vs NTFS Permissions, how they inherit, etc.

    IIS and IIS Printing.

    Active directory stuff, computer accounts (reset vs disable, etc..)
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    they are all good topics to study and know.........
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    I had only 1 mention of DNS on my exam, and it was a question that tries to trick you. It was mentioned at the beginning of a question in the jargon that you can usually skip ...

    Your a network administrator for a company with 1500 windows XP clients, all clients use the same DNS server. Y'know, something that has nothing to do with the eventual answer, but they put an answer that mentions something to do with DNS.

    Other than that everything else that tDoB mentioned is right on and the main areas to concentrate on. I had more questions on Backup than anything else, I would say about 10-12.
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    Thanks guys, studying like mad and there are some areas were i lack full understanding, i have failed this twice last year so i have already done a lot i reading

    Does anyone know if the sims know you press the wrong menu and does it fail you on that question without you knowing


    Lee H
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    My experience is, you are the one who says that you are done with the SIM. When you're satisfied with the answer, you click a button that says close SIM, or something like that. If it kicks you out, get the proctor's attention very quickly. It's not supposed to do that.

    Study hard! And, good luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
    Fingers crossed for you :D
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