preparing for the exam

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Hi all

I guess I am looking for some sort of affirmation. I want to do the security + because I find this field of study absolutely interesting. But the thing is where I am from the Bahamas I am not sure how soon my skills will be in demand on a large scale I guess. As of now finding an IT job is like looking for a needle in a ...

Since June of 2005 I made some head way in preparing for this exam but because I was trying to finish my Bachelors that was swept to the side. So now I am completly free and ready to get back in the full swing of things

I have the Mike Myers passport, and a book by Krutz and the second edition of some other security book. I dont hve them in fornt of me so I can't give the exact names.

But have any of you used either of these books and have u found them helpful.

I want to take this exam at the beginning of February and I want to be well prepared.

I welcome ur suggestions


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