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Hi all, I've been in the IT industry for about 8 months and have decided it's time to get some certs. I attempted the Network+ exam before I started working and failed with a score of 680. The study materials I'm using are Exam Cram CompTIA Network+ and Darril Gibsons Network+ phone application. I plan to take the exam late next month... with currently half a month of studying under my belt. Do you guys recommend something else to help me pass the exam? I feel like this book is not cutting it. Thanks all!!


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    Professor Messer has some great videos and they're free!

    Just Google Professor Messer Network +

    He even has live study groups once a month on Saturdays even. I highly recommend his notes that he sells for $10. Its concise and perfect for material you need to memorize for the exam.
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    He also has dozens of videos on his YouTube channel you can watch for free. All of them are labeled as to what they are focused on. Take your weakness report from your last attempt( NOT FAIL) and watch those specific videos or grab yourself one of the more common books that people are using on the forum to study. I regularly watch those videos to keep the information fresh until I can afford the test (hello tax returns). You already know what to expect, that's half the battle man.
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