I got it this time .... Yay

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Hi all,

I went and sat the exam today and passed with a 769. Thought I would do a lot better than that considering all I put into it. I honestly think I got such a bogus set of questions though, some of the possible answers were too much alike and seemed a bit unfair to me icon_confused.gif

A run down of the exam I received:

44 questions + 4 sims
A lot of questions on Disaster Recovery and Backup.
Many, many questions on File/Folder Share/NTFS perms

This was the second time I took the test, I failed it back in August. I would say that this exam is the hardest I have ever taken by far. I just wanted to point out to everyone taking the exam that a lot of people say the 270 and 290 overlap. Am I the only one who doesn't think so? The only thing imo that overlaps might be file/folder perms, but other than that the 270 test is cake compared to this one.

To prepare I did the following:
MS Press Book (highly recommended)
Sybex Book (I thought was lacking quite a bit)
Transcender (Very highly recommended as always, the new ones with the sims are very helpful)
MS Readiness Review by Measure Up (The questions are hard, but I really hate the test engine.)
Technotes here (Very good, we need more :D )

Anyways, not much time to celebrate, I have to quickly begin for the 291 exam because I am kind of on a timeline to complete the MCSA.

Thanks for all the helpful forum posts as well!


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