Upgrading from MCSE 2000

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Hello Everyone
I am reading this forum and couldnt able to find answer specific to my needs and in case some one already mentioned this before so I apologies in advance .
I am Originally MSCE 4.0 NT and then Upgraded my self to MSCE 2000 . I have been involved in IT industry and have exposure to Windows 2003 / R2 server and Windows 2008 / R2 server . Now time for me to go back to school and upgrade my certification .
There is tons of talent here who can help me and guide me in right direction . I have bit understanding that what MCSA , MCSE and MCITP is.. Being a IT dinosaur my self I was aiming for MCSE + I ( thats what we use to call an MCSE who has taking Microsoft Exchange Certification) as its much better option in my opinon then MCSA .. but this MCITP caught my interest and now I need to know what would be more in demand in market .. should I stick to good old MCSE 2012 or go for MCITP .
Is there a upgrade path from MSCE 2000 to either MSCE 2012 or MCITP ..
I am going to do Exchange as well so please keep that in mind
After I am all done with MCSE I will be going after Virtualization i.e (Vmware , Citrix , Hyper V) you know all that jazz lol ..
Please help me select right path with the simplest explanation and mention the EXAM codes if its possible
Thank you in Advance


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    Welcome aboard. Short answer is that there is no upgrade path from MCSE 2000 or 2003. MCITP is being (or has been?) phased out in favor of the new MCSE. I am not sure if you can still take some exams leading towards MCITP. Other more up to date on Microsoft could provide better info but I think your best bet would be starting a 2012 MCSE track from zero.

    Check all current MCSE tracks here: https://www.microsoft.com/learning/en-us/mcse-certification.aspx
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    Thank you cyberguypr For the help . Now I see several options here so lets say for some one like me who has System and Network Admin role and who also is looking to go for virtualization after completing MCSE which path would you recommend
    i. MCSE (Server Infrastructure) or
    ii. MCSE (Private Cloud )

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    Taking three exams (70-410, 70-411, 70-412) will get you a MCSA 2012. From that point, you can branch off and go several ways to get a MCSE in your desired path. The link cyperguypr gave shows the ways to the certs.
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    Yeah, my MCSE 2003 is dead now too :)
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