Took CCDA today, 1st attempt, failed it. Now requesting some guidance from you.

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Dear Colleagues,

Took the CCDA today, first attempt, and honestly, I was breezing thru the questions, thinking that I just might get this in my first try, but I didnt...... so not really feeling good at the moment.

I'd like to request some advice/guidance from you, on how to go about studying again.

Below is my, sad, exam report:
  • Methodology used to design a network - 80%
  • Network structure and modularity - 50%
  • Basic Enterprise Campus Networks - 54%
  • Enterprise Edge and Remote Network Modules - 80%
  • IP Addressing and routing Protocols - 70%
  • Network Services - 44%
Looking at this, aside from the 44%, how do I go about studying now, for my 2nd attempt.Any help is appreciated.

/Thanks for reading.


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    Do you already have your ccnp or pass the ip route exam?
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    CCNP or the NP Route and Switch would help towards the CCDP but you'd still need to have the CCDA.
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    Unless you really, REALLY have to do it asap, put CCDA on hold and do the CCNP first.

    At the very least study for and pass the SWITCH exam.

    The ROUTE is also highly recommended

    TSHOOT, you might skip, but, otoh, if you've finished ROUTE and SWITCH, TSHOOT is a walk in the park anyway, so wh not take it.
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    The CCDA is a lot of theory. How much time have you spent in the field?

    I see you have a CCNA, have you looked at the CCNP? The CCNP is not a requirement for the CCDA however it does assist in in understanding the 'design technologies' and why we use them.

    Also, how did you prepare for the CCDA any particular book/study material. In my experience applying the CCDA topics to work and real life network design were the most beneficial for me,
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    I know it's easier said than done, but don't feel bad. That was a tough exam. I've been in the field since 1999. My last job was a design job, so I can say I truly understand networking. I've done all types of work in the field. I passed the exam by the skin of my teeth. Right before the last question on the exam I was ready to see FAIL. But to my surprise I had passed. I forgot what the passing score was, but let's say the passing score was 800, I scored 800. LOTS of theory for this cert. Do I think you need the CCNP R\S to take this exam? No! However, you need to understand networking from Cisco's perspective.

    What I used to study was the OCG from Ciscopress, CBT Nuggets,, google, and overall on the job experience.

    I wish you much luck on your next attempt. This exam is no cake walk. I'm also seeing lots of jobs requiring a CCDA certification now, so it's becoming a popular one.
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