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Finally got motivated enough to study for this exam over the past 2 weeks and passed this morning with an 827. It was a fairly easy exam once I sat down and studied. I know it's not valued by employers too much but I learned a lot from it.

For future testers, know what's included within each project phase (For example: the project charter is signed in the initiating phase) and know the different types of charts and tools available to project managers. I read a lot beforehand about knowing the EVM formulas and I spent a fair amount of time studying them but, in all honesty, I didn't have more than 1 or 2 questions on them. Could have just been my test bank though. The Project + Sybex book is all you'll need. Read and understand that and you'll pass.

Anyways, glad to have this one done! I took it through WGU so next I'm moving on to the MTA:Windows OS Fundamentals. I'm hoping to finish it within a looks simple. If anyone has taken it and can provide some feedback I'd be very appreciative.


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    Congrats on the pass! I hope to make Project Plus one of the first classes I take at WGU.
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    Congrats. That test was tough because it was so boring to me.

    The MTA is definitely easy. A week is probably enough for anyone with Windows 7 experience.
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    The driest acronym filled crap I've ever read. Completely soured me on Project Management and doing anything PMI related. Worse than reading about Risk Management.
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    markulous wrote: »
    Congrats. That test was tough because it was so boring to me.

    The MTA is definitely easy. A week is probably enough for anyone with Windows 7 experience.

    Congrats indeed!! icon_lol.gif

    I found this exam sooo boring and dry
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    Thanks for the responses. I also found this exam kinda boring. Glad to have it done.

    On another note, I was able to pass the MTA: Windows OS Fundamentals yesterday... 95/100. The exam was very straightfoward but I will say, the questions would be tough for someone who doesn't use Windows every single day. Most of them had to do with little Windows quirks that you just kinda have to know. Oh well, on to the next class at WGU!
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    Congrats on passing.

    Yes I agree the material was dry, but like you I definitely learned a lot. Also, you will be picking that book back up when you complete your Capstone LOL.
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    Congrats! I actually go and take this test about 1 hour actually. I'll post back when I get done. I too am taking it for my degree with WGU. It is my last "real" class, then it's just the tech writing and capstone and I'll be done. :)

    Edit: I just got back from taking the Project+ exam. I passed...but not by much, which isn't surprising. I didn't actually study much, and I only studied for about 4 days. I would definitely recommend learning about the acronyms and what they are for, as I'm sure I messed up some of those items. For instance, PERT, GERT, Ishikawa diagrams, Pareto charts, run charts, etc. Those items may or may not all be included as choices for multiple choice questions on the exam, and you really need to be able to identify the purpose for each.

    Also, I would say understanding the formulas for EV, ETC, AC, blah blah unnecessary. Could just be me, but I felt like there were only a few questions that used knowledge of those items. I would say an easy one to remember and probably good to know would be "(Optimistic + (4 x Most Likely) + Pessimistic) / 6" in regards to estimating.

    Either way, good luck to everyone else looking at taking this test, and again, congrats to OP.
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