Passed CISSP today! First time

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I passed the CISSP exam today. icon_cheers.gifI was my first try, after 2,5 months of intensive study, especially the last two weeks.

It took me 5 hours and 50 minutes to complete the exam, I used the three pass approach as described by Eric Conrad.
I was completely exhausted at the end.

I Used:

- A 8 day training at a ISC2 accredited training center
- AIO by Shon Harris (I was very sad to hear she passed away last month icon_sad.gif)
- exam questions (it's free)
- Several other Exam questions sources
- Sunflower summary
- Own summary (made it while reading AIO, and only for the subjects I lacked the knowledge of at the time of reading).
- Mnemonics, a lot of mnemoics, I will post the onces I used here at a later time.
More to follow....


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