Bought my voucher but feel uneasy.. New to fourms also..

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I passed my A+ certification May 6 2014. I used 3 books and self study to do so. Mike Meyers all in one. I read this one from front to back. The CompTIA Sybex Deluxe study guide, and the Exam Cram book. What I did is basically took all of the practice tests that come with these books and memorized every question/answer until I felt that well this is getting boring.

I have done the same using the same books with the Network+. My scores that i continue to get however worry me a bit. On the Meyers tests I get a 86 every time out of a passing score of 85 icon_cheers.gif On the 6 Sybex tests I constantly get 86's on every test, and on the Exam Cram tests im not doing so hot. around 720 out of 800. I want to take the test the first part of December but I'm feeling a bit anxious and nervous about the whole thing. I was using the forums at total sims but it seems that no one really talks their so after finally gaining a brain thought I decided to look for another forum which led me here.

I have no on the job experience with networking and I had a two month foot in the door with a private school that my brother in law works at. Although a good experience I wast their long enough to actually get in depth. I'm ranting on now..

Basically do you guys fell that with my current scores on these particular tests that i have a shot at passing the Net+ icon_study.gif


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    Memorizing questions and answers is not how to study. You have to actually know why an answer is the answer. What areas do you feel weak in? Study up on those areas. Use Professor Messer's videos. Use Darril Gibson's gcga website.
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    I'll echo Prof Messer. He rocks. Look at the exam objectives on CompTIAs website. He follows them almost to a 'T'. Once you're comfortable with those, then you should feel comfortable taking the exam.
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    I can honestly say that the area's I feel the weakest in is looking at a acronym and relating it to the OSI.

    I feel pretty strong in knowing my ports. Had to memorize those for the A+ so adding a few isn't that hard.
    Subnetting a class C is pretty easy. I know my 8/16/24/30. also the 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1.
    802.11 standards I also had to memorize for the A+

    lets see here. Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away pretty simple 1-7 Backwards All People Seem To Need Data Processing

    sorry if I offend any ladies but im a guy and this is how I got it in my head... Bits=big Frames=Fat Packets=pu**ies Segments=Suck
    1 2 3 4 of the OSI Every thing else is data. anything port related is "Application" as far as ftp http ect.

    Concerned about the perfomance based questions.

    I got much more memorized.. dunno what I think I really need is a study partner but I have a very unique situation where Im living away from all my friends.
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    Justin-Justin- Member Posts: 300
    Some stuff like ports have to be memorized but concepts such as how/why routers and other network devices work should not be memorized. Read over those types of chapters and actually understand the ideas, and not just memorize them. Memorizing might help you for this exam but not in the long run. Wish you the best of luck with your exam though. Hope to see a passing thread from you soon enough.
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    marbocatcatmarbocatcat Registered Users Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Don't memorize but understand the concept of the topic. You can memorize bits, frames, packets, segments, but where in the OSI layer are these allocated to? How do they move? Why are they called bits/frames/packets etc. You can memorize CIDR notation but do you know how to use it?and why we use it?

    In real world application these concepts are being used for troubleshooting/implementation etc. Network Fundamentals are really important. Don't worry about passing or if your going to have a good score. Worry about understanding these terms and how they work.
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