JN0-332 gear

sendalotsendalot Member Posts: 328
Saw the sticky post that recommends GNS3 on Olive or some SRX.

Is SRX100B still one of the only essential lab gear for JN0-332?

I hear it has changed recently.



  • froggy3132000froggy3132000 Member Posts: 28 ■□□□□□□□□□
    My suggestion is firefly, in this industry everything runs on a hypervisor. You can spin up the entire AJSEC lab on a bunch of firefly vm's.

    If you have not heard about it already.

    Firefly Perimeter
  • The IT GuyThe IT Guy Member Posts: 43 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Branch SRX's are dropping in price these days. If the budget permits, I would recommend starting off with an SRX100H or its Dell branded equivalent J-SRX100H. Firefly is a good alternative depending on your lab requirements. Firefly perimeter doesn't have the same feature support as a physical SRX, but is sufficient to meet most certification prep needs depending on the track.
  • AldurAldur Juniper Moderator Member Posts: 1,460
    Like The IT Guys said, there is a bit of feature parity between Firefly and physical SRXs, however, I believe that the only major thing missing from Firefly is the AppSecure stuff.
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  • pevangelpevangel Member Posts: 342
    I've seen SRX210Hs going for less than $200 on e-bay if you wanted physical gear.
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