WGU admission ; what is CU and how many can you finish in a year ?

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I am planning to start WGU for BSIT Software Development from December 1 although I have been waiting for decision.
About myself :
I am working full time (40 hours) at an internet company for 3 years. WGU evaluated my transcript and basically waived all general classes (from my previous Mech. Engineering degrees). I am just waiting for their decision now.
-So what are my chances of getting into WGU as I do not have any certifications?
-I learnt from this forum that people can do 70+ CUs in a term. My plan is to finish around 65 in first term and rest 25 in second term. Is it doable if I put around 40 hours studying ?

I have attached my plan in this forum. Please help.
I am doing BS again so that I can get into Master program easily without having to take their pre reqs which is way more expensive than finishing whole degree from WGU and also I will have more certifications and credentials.
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