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I plan on taking the Security+ sometime this fall or winter depending on how things go with the other certs and work. I have a book from college and I wanted to know what would be a good supplement book to get. The book is by Thomson Course and it's called "Security+ Guide To Network Security Fundamentals" second edition. The auther is Mark Ciampa. It was a good course and we did a lot of the labs in the book.

Fortunately, the program director decided to do away with COBOL 2 and substitute it with the security class (i'm glad he did because COBOL was not one of my favorites icon_evil.gif ). Would Exam Cram 2, technotes, and online quizzes be enough?
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    By itself the exam cram along with these notes are not enough to adequately prepare you for the test. However, they make for an excellent supplement to a good book that covers all of the topics in detail. I personally used the syngress book along with the exam cram and this sites notes and scored an 820 on my first shot. I'm not familiar with the book you have, so I can't pass judgement on it.
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    I also had that book for one of my security classes that I took at school. However, It's a good idea that you get an additional book. The Thomson book left out some material that is covered on the test. I used the Thomson book and the all-in-one book, did all of the questions numerous times and passed with a 852. I don't have much experience with the exam cram books though. Also, the tech notes on this site are a good review the day of the test.
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