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Hey guys,

I had two things to post - First, this is a great site and a wealth of info - so a shout out to all that have contributed! Secondly, I've always liked anything related to IT and decided to reinvent myself after 30 years DOD service as a scout pilot. This may seem odd, but to tell you the truth. dealing with computers, the hardware, and software for me is easier than dealing with people. What you put in is pretty much what your going to get out, as apposed to humans. Anyway, I decided to re-engage IT and took a formal CCENT course. Like allot of people, subnetting is my nemesis right now. Is there a "standard" for tables to write down the day of the test? I've seen some, but just wanted to know from all of you. If you had that "man, I should of done that for time idea", feel free to share. I'd appreciate it. Oh, I'm taking the test tomorrow.


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    I really hope you passed mate! Sounds like you really wanted it.

    I took the CCENT last week and got 986/1000 (test was weighted by 300 points). Based on the break down of scores by section, seems like I didn't miss any subnetting questions.

    I studied by using and also making detailed notes on how to solve every variation of subnetting question and problem. As far as a chart, I didn't use one. I memorized:
    128 192 224 240 248 252 254 255

    and where all of those are positioned, then practiced deducing subnet values using CIDR format and using the increment to calculate addressable spaces. After that, I just went after the practice problems persistently. I could see how you might need a chart, especially for calculating large address spaces (1000's of hosts etc..) but after looking up a few of the charts you can find on google, I felt confident that I was able to produce that knowledge out of my brain on demand and I just felt better not using a chart on this exam.

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    I wrote down a quick chart when I took the CCENT but I never looked at it. It's best to know it in your head. Subnetting is about practice. Take 15 minutes a day on
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    I just tried to relax, my exam was in the afternoon so I had the morning for a bit of light study. I did make the mistake of going out on the lash the night before which probably isn't the best idea but it didn't work out too bad in the end.

    In the exam I just wrote down a subnet chart with all the block sizes etc and that was about it. Even with the subnet chart you still need to be confident with subnet questions as there are so many of them, if you take 5 minutes to do each one then you will probably run out of time.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I went in and they were having issues with the test lab. Got a pass until day after tomorrow. After reading the comments above and doing allot of additional practice it's starting to come around. I think just a simple chart with cider vs subs vs hosts will work to help with the time.

    On another note, I just started this Cisco endeavor a couple of months ago. I had no idea there was so much going on inside a server rack - utmost respect to all with advanced certifications.
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    If you only have one day, review Todd Lammle's Chapter 4 "Easy Subnetting" from the CCNA Study Guide.

    Good luck tomorrow!
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    Thanks, brother. I will
    koz24 wrote: »
    If you only have one day, review Todd Lammle's Chapter 4 "Easy Subnetting" from the CCNA Study Guide.

    Good luck tomorrow!
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