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We are planning to establish a site-to-site VPN connection using our PIX 515 (OS version 6.3) to a remote site that uses PIX 506e. I am sure that our's support 3DES encryption and their's only DES. Most propably they are still using an older version of OS. Does any one know what should be the minimum OS that is required at the PIX 506 end?

Is there any website that talks about it?

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    Hi, Basically it won't matter what OS the pix is running, better if the PIX is running on 6.2~6.3, though a PIX 506 can't be loaded with 7.0 because of the memory requirement by the OS itself, anyway, what matters most in here is the license loaded on the firewall itself, due to the nature of vpn software/encryption software on the unit, you should email [email protected] to obtain a license for 3DES on your FW. I would recommend using 3DES for your encryption, but also make sure that the throughput on the VPN won't be affected.
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