Passed CISSP today

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Hi all

Been using this site for a while to help me in preparing for the CISSP and wanted to give my 2cents worth after passing the exam today. Yay!

I literally had NO idea the whole way through the exam whether or not I passed, I think this was due to the ambiguity of a lot of the questions and the majority of questions were worded in a way such as 'What is the BEST in this scenario' or 'What is the FIRST step in'. A lot of the answers I could narrow down to 2 and then went with my gut feeling. Even after I finished the exam I was thinking it could go either way and when they handed me the result I was more relieved that I wouldn't have to resit the exam.

My prep was I took a 5 day course about 6 weeks ago and based my revision off the notes - I had the official CBK book by ISC2 which I tried to read but found it incredibly wordy and badly written. I stopped reading after a few domains and used it more like a reference material to look up things I needed clarifying. I also bought some questions from the official ISC2 iPhone app, did some of the Shon Harris and ccure questions.

Doing the practise questions helped but I don't think any of them came close to the exam questions in terms of difficulty. I spent a lot of time memorising detailed facts such as all the types of assymetric/symmetric, fire extinguishers, safe types - but I found that there were hardly any questions asking specifics of things, more the testing of processes, procedures, methods etc.

My advice to anyone would be take regular breaks - I made myself every hour get a glass of water and READ and then read again the question. Often I skim read a question and picked an answer, re-read it and realised they were asking me something else.

Good luck everyone,


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