Passed the Exam on Saturday

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I am so glad to be over with the exam. As commented by previous exam takers, the exam is more about process, procedures and methods. All the memorization was able to help only a little bit but atleast i was sure that i got them all correct when i answered those questions. I wasn't sure about the remaining ones. I thought i was going to fail so towards the end of the exam i started thinking the areas that i need to focus on for the next time. It was a pleasant surprise and a huge relief that i passed it at first attempt.

Time: I completed all 250 questions in first 3 hours without any break. After the first break, i started reviewing the flaged ones and after the second break, I started from the back reviewing the unflagged ones. I took all 6 hours and reviewed almost 75% of the questions.

In terms of preparing for the exam, i signed up for the ISC2 course and watched all the recorded training sessions as i did not have the time to join the live sessions. Those training sessions helped me understand the concepts. I practiced lot of questions. This forum helped me a lot. Thanks to all the contributors!

Now i am onto the certification process....


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