Chasing the CISSP

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Just a quick note to say thanks for all the helpful information shared here. I am starting my study for the CISSP, and hope to take the exam in the spring. I have collected some (but clearly not all) of the study materials recommended here. My plan is:

- CISSP for Dummies - wade in with a friendly introduction

- Eric Conrad Study Guide - serious swim outside the tidal pools

- Shon Harris AIO - deep water dives for additional reference when needed

I have also downloaded the Sunflower pdf and the combined CISSP notes from links on this forum. Most likely, I will create my own study notes, drawing from all of the resources and tailored for those areas I have less experience with. Compiling personal study notes help me retain the information. :)

For additional quizzes, McGraw-Hill and Transcender seem to be well thought of. I haven't decided yet on other resources. Flash cards are recommended, but I have no interest in creating those. Are there any good ones commercially available?

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
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