WAN Technology and L3 Routing Question

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Hi All,

I have a question with regards to using Frame-Relay/MPLS over L3 Routing Protocols (ie. RIP, OSPF, EIGRP etc.). Can someone please correct me if I get this wrong...I would like to be enlightened more.

1. Is Frame-Relay the same as MPLS in terms of L2 style of packet forwarding?
2. Do we use Frame-Relay, ATM, MPLS mainly to forward packet instead of relying to L3 Routing Protocols?
3. Is this how Network Engineers normally design networks?

Again, I would really appreciate some insights from experience professionals. Because the thing is, I keep on doing labs and practicing either Frame-Relay or MPLS and/or OSPF, EIGRP etc..but I do not fully understand how they work together in real world. A great feedback from CCNP would be awesome! I know a lot of us here have this kind of question in mind. icon_sad.gif
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