Outlook for security jobs

Cat5Cat5 Member Posts: 297 ■■■□□□□□□□
What is the current job market like for those wanting a "security" job? For some specializations like voice or wireless, a company may only need a few key individuals, or the job may be only in specific locations nationwide (meaning packing up and moving may be in order to get the job). What about security? Is it enough in demand that one can reasonably expect to find employers wanting someone proficient in this area to not have to relocate? I'm in a metro area (Orlando), so I would hope that someone with security certs here could find something. But I don't want to assume anything and spend a lot of time and money chasing a cert, only to find that companies only really need one security person, or all their security people are out in Phoenix or Seattle or something (much like the demand for wireless people).


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