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I have scheduled my test on the 8th.. I have self studied myself to death to the point where im a nervous wreck. Taking practice tests over and over is just gibberish to me now. What makes this so bad is when I talk to people in the field that do this work and they all say that you will never really use any of this stuff this is just to show that you can be trained or that you have foundation.
Crazy I was in town for the holidays and my brother in law who is a network admin. I wanted to sit down and go over stuff with him and I took a sheet of paper and just basically brain dumped on a sheet of paper front and back everything I knew off the top of my head and hes like yep that looks good. So much for the help right. What makes this important to me is that I was in auto accident where I broke both ankles. When I started to walk again.. My girl kicked me out of the house.. lost my job due to FMLA regulations they had the right terminate my position. I was a machinist and stood at a machine all day. So much for doing that anymore. Ive been living with my parents for a year now. Dad will be having surgery in Duke the 4th and the testing facility is in Durham so pressure pressure pressure.

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recovery man...

Wish me luck.


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    You got this in the bag man. If you're consistently scoring high on the practice exams, you're set. Honestly, there's nothing to be nervous about. Go in, answer some questions, review your answers, and you're done.
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    Best of luck
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    So I didn't do so well on the test I failed. 640 was my score. Im naturally really pissed off. I learned sub-netting up one side and down the other and only saw one sub-netting question on the test and it wasn't even hard. I memorized all the material out of three different study guides and out of 10 practice test was consistently getting 89's on every test. I cam across at least 10 questions where the material wasn't even related to any material that i have read out of my books which when you come across such a question you have no other option but to stab in the dark and hope for the best. I'm actually disappointed in the questions that they really have no relevance to the foundation of the study guides that CompTIA sells. I watched all of professor mess videos as well.

    On another note I think that a 640 is actually a good score for someone with no experience in the field and did self study. I'm disappointed that I wrote down on my paper the 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 and never came across a question that needed the formula to be applied. I didn't come across any questioning about the many command line parameters that they constantly quiz you on in these practice tests. I did run across some port questions but they were so simple that whats the use of learning the hard ones.

    I think for this one you really have to have some type of hands on with what your doing in order to understand some of the questions that you come across.

    I guess i could question if their is a bunk test out their but it is what it is at this point.
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    Did you use the exam cram book? That was great for A+ but after reading on TE that there's quite a bit of subnetting on the test but very little in the exam cram book and now reading from 2 TE members that subnetting isn't even necessary to know, I'm kind of confused. Subnetting is not one of my weaknesses, those would be authentication, ports and protocols.
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    sorry score was 646
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    Im dead serious, on "My" exam one subnet question and that was it.. The OSI questions where like wtf. and I mean that in the way that its so obvious what the answer was. As far as the port questions same thing like if you passed A+ those ports are the only ones you needed. I literally had about 10 questions where its like if johnny held his right nut how much pressure does it take for his left nut to hang. You just stare at the question and wonder why its even in front of you.

    Yes the exam cram was one of my books that I constantly would get 89s on their tests.
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    Sorry to hear that m8 but at least now you seen some questions and can work on your weaker areas. I have some experience in networking but I bought Network Simulator (CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Simulator (Network Simulator): 9780789751768: Computer Science Books @ from amazon and it was on sale for 55$ at the time. I found it to be somewhat useful but some of simulations were definite overkill for N+ and are more geared toward CCNA from what I can see.

    Best of luck to you with a re-take!
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    Without breaking any rules, what type of questions did you get stumped on? What were the scores(percentages) you got on your print out?

    Subnetting seemed like a very minor part on my N+. I didn't even really know how to do it that well back then and got lucky I only ran into one question.

    You can do it without much experience. Go over Professor Messer's videos. He follows along with the exam objectives and was the main resource I used to pass. I didn't have much experience either.
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    Well its like i said a 646 isn't a bad score with someone that is trying to go from last year having 8 years experience in only machining breaking both ankles losing his car/job/girl/living situation. Moved to a different state in with parents got my A+ did a two month span for experience in a private school came back and hit Net+ pretty hard for about a month and a half came to Duke with my dad to get a part of his pancreas out and while hes here took the test under the pressure. I heard soon many times that pressure makes diamonds but im guessing too much pressure makes diamonds crack. I'm actually typing this from my fathers hospital room. Ill have to wait till i get back to my print out to let ya know something they say that they may release him tomorrow so Ill be able to get back to my big PC. My dad wanted me to give him Net+ for Christmas so im guessing that they pressure made me crack a bit.
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    Don't take it so hard! you'll do great! I found subnetting a very small part also. My advice is to use the exam cram and kind of get an understanding how things work. I did see a bunch of questions that none of the books/videos really teach you about. I did find doing alot of questions were helpful cause they helped me to realize to read the questions more carefully. You'll do great next time around, and don't feel pressured or stressed, that's when people do the worst. Good luck, if you have any questions don't hesitate to msg. :D
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    What type of print out should you receive after your test I only got three sheets of paper. Its kinda hard to know exactly what you missed my sheet only says that you missed one or more out of the following areas and then lists like every single section LOL. like im looking at it and it says 1.1 1.3 1.4 1.7 1.9 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.5 3.1 3.3 3.6 4.1 4.3 4.4 4.6 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 and 5.6

    so that's 22 questions I missed by what this states.. that's if i missed only one in each section.. looks like the whole Subject, I missed.
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    I thought it had percentages for each section but maybe I'm thinking of Cisco.

    I'd again suggest to go over Messer's videos and look at the objectives. Make sure you're comfortable with each section.
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