Finally Starting my Voice Journey!!!

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So after a lot of deliberation and after passing CCENT last month, I've decided to move straight onto the voice track and skip the CCNA R&S. I know I'll probably get a bit of stick for choosing to miss the CCNA R&S but I have my reasons for doing it this way. Firstly I work in a voice role with very little hands on routing/switching required, so in my present position the CCNA/NP will beneift me very little (aside from the knowledge). Again it's another case of use it or lose it and from that point of view why waste time studying for something that I won't use for years possibly?

I also find R&S tirelessly boring, it's a real chore to spend the time studying it properly. Where as I absolutely love voice, I mean properly love it :D I want to follow it through all the way to CCIE Collaboration.

Anyway I've already started on the CCNA voice, enjoying the study immensly so far. I'm going to build a small lab at home and shodown has kindly given me a list of kit I'll need. Luckly I'm already working in the voice worldso I'm working with CUCM, unity, gateways etc on a daily basis. In regard to study resources I will be using CBT Nuggets, INE, IPexpert and the OCG, command guide and lab book.

I intend to keep this thread going throught my voice studies and hopefully up to attempting my CCIE Collaboration. For CCNA Voice I'm planning on getting it done in under 3 months - then straight onto CCNP Voice which I can't bloddy wait for!

Anyway back to the studying!
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