GSEC - Just a general question on GIAC certs

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I see that in every thread people talk about the boot camps and on demand courses and such and I was wondering if they are almost required to pass the test or if it's just a REALLY good idea to take them.

I couldn't pick up a book and find labs, do practice exams for the exam could I?

Every boot camp and on demand item I saw on their website are over $4,000 and that's pretty pricey to me.

Unless these certs are just AMAZING and will immensely help me get a security job / move up, I just really can't see spending that amount of cash on the boot camp.


Is it really worth it?

Stupid question I know but I have been reading up on these certs and plan on taking a dive into them after I obtain my SSCP


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    Once you go SANS you won't go back. You can challenge the exam without paying for the class but keep in mind these tests are updated on average 3 times per year to reflect the material covered in class. It may not be as simple as other certs that you can pass by reading a book. Having said that, several here have successfully done it. I am sure they will chime in soon.

    One option that I can't speak highly enough of is the Work Study Program. For working an event you get to sit the class, an attempt for the corresponding certification (along with two practice tests, the on demand version(if available) with lab access, and MP3 files. I think the latest price is around $900. Best money you will ever spend on yourself. Extra points if you get your employer to pay for it. The case builds itself when they see how much all that stuff will cost at regular price.
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    I'll check that out, thank you for the suggestion and clearing up of things!
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    This may sound like an option.
    I think the CPE's are 36. What about the AMF's?
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    I don't think GIAC certs have AMFs except at the end of the 3-year cycle, but not sure...

    If you look around, sometimes you can get really, really good deals - I posted a link a couple of weeks ago for the new critical controls exam, for $600, I think, which is a steal. I think it's good through the end of December.
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    AMFs = annual maintenance fees? GIAC's don't really have such a thing on an annual basis, but to renew your cert at the end of four years, you'll need to pay the $399 maintenance fee, then take the exam again or write a gold paper or train others ... etc.. The options are quite varied:

    What I've been doing is renewing by taking new SANS courses and the corresponding GIAC exams and apply those experiences for renewal CPEs. You can apply work experience as well.
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    AMFs come into play with cert programs that allow their cert holders to recertify by collecting CPEs rather than paying for more exams. CompTIA, (ISC)2, and EC-Council has AMFs for this reason. Now that GIAC uses the concept of CPEs for cert maintenance too, it is possible that GIAC will introduce an AMF like the EC-Council has recently done for the same reason rather than have just the 4-year registration fee.
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