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Hi All,
Just wanted to know if IPX has been removed from the exam objectives?


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    Tricky question...

    You don't have to know how to configure IPX anymore, but IPX can still be part of the exam, for example:

    Which protocols can be routed using EIGRP? (IP, AppleTalk, IPX, IPX SAP)

    Which access-list range is used to control IPX traffic?
    IPX Standard 800-899
    IPX Extended 900-999
    IPX SAP 1000-1099

    Personally, to be sure, I would go thru the basics anyway:

    - Encapsulation/ frame types (SNAP, II, 802.2, 802.3)
    - load balancing (maximum-paths command)
    - access-list range.
    - timers of IPX RIP
    - "IPX routing" enables IPX routing on a router.
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