already passed ITIL foundations, work wants me to do it again

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So a project at my workplace is trying to get everyone ITIL certs, fine and dandy, but I already have it.

The project manager is making me go and retake it against my objections that I already have it.

Should this cause any issues???


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    Ok what is the point of your work requiring everybody to get the ITIL certified if they won't accept validation that shows clearly that you have already passed it. I am really puzzled as what is the PM rationale for having you do this if your certification is still valid. The only way I can see them asking for it again is if for some reason the exam has changed since you took it and they require everyone to have taken the taken and passed the latest exam per some contract with a client.
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    Also want to know what the heck is the reasoning and logic behind this. Can you provide more context? How long ago did you get it? Do you know if the PM has being authorized to force this request? Wouldn't surprise me if that wasn't the case.

    As Hammer80 said the only scenario I see is that someone made the decision that the cert needs to be fairly recent. Even if this has been vetted by the higher powers, I can only assume they would be footing the bill for the new test.
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    Perhaps, they are not seeing a level of proficiency they expect from a holder of the cert and simply want to have you retake it. It stinks and they likely are paying for it (trust me, I'd be a bit put off too, but they may have a reason??) so, if you passed it once, go pass it again! Do you get a period of time to review? Obviously, a brief review of the content tested would be reasonable, IMNSHO.

    It could be as simple as they want to 'pay' for training or certification and they want to show how many employees passed under their 'program' so they tossed you a bone to help their numbers out?

    Even though it sounds odd, sometimes things are purely a numbers game and there is no hidden agenda. Take the test, you'll be fine.
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    My ITIL foundations is 5 years old, but I did do a refresher in 2012 for the 2011 syllabus, and I was planning to start an Intermediate level course after that but that got delayed indefinitely.

    The requirement is coming from a new corporate policy and the person implementing it is just a "go and do it so I look like I got it done" type mentality.

    They are sending everyone for classroom training and the exam. I don't care if i have to write it again, i'm really not worried, I just want to know if having it twice will cause me issues?
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    Hi langley

    Taking the exam twice won't cause you any issues. Even if you failed this time, you'd still be able to keep your pass!

    From your own qualifications perspective, getting the 2011 syllabus exam will mean you're right up to date so it can't hurt...even though it seems a ridiculous waste of your time and their money icon_smile.gif

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    Thanks Claire, that's the answer I needed.
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