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Hate to admit it, but I didn't pass the exam today which I missed the passing grade by 20 points. Most on what I need to study on, according to the print out is the 1 and 2 section.

Just looking for any tips on how to study for a better attempt or what to expect going back in for taking the test a second time.

Any help is welcomed.


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    Look at the analysis on the print out and when studying for your next attempt, give extra care to those sections.
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    Suggestion that I have is to flag any of the questions you are unsure about. Come back to them at the end. This does two things: You may have come across a similiar question later on that helped you remember the answer and you are reading it for the second time. If you find yourself flagging every question, that will eat up all time you have available on the test.
    If you have a smartphone and a wifi connection, watch Professor Messer vids on youtube before the test. Not sure about your data plan, but you could also stream them on your phone while driving to the test. No need to see the video, but more just hear it to re-enforce the information.
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    Your so close, don't let it bother you. Take a day and regroup on what you scored low on. Take a deeper look at the area's you scored low in and retest in a few weeks. Review info as needed to keep is fresh. A+ is a nice cert to help you get started in IT. In some cases the test is way to wide in my opinion. But I think a lot of CompTIA's tests are to wide, but that's how they do thing.
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    What materials have you been using to study? Have you checked out Professor Messer's free videos?

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    Like the others have said, I'd study the points that the exam identified you as weak in, and reattempt it shortly, you'll feel better once you beat it :D.

    Furthermore, did you flag questions and review them at the end? I always find this helpful, and I know it made the difference on an exam or two I've done. I flag any questions that I wasn't certain if I was completely correct and continue on, then at the end I review all those I've flagged, and sometimes reading over the second time, I figure the correct answer out, or verify that I was correct the first time.

    20 points is really close, it's about 2-3 answers, so I'm sure you'll get it next time :D Best of luck.
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    @BoneSpur, I live 5 mins from the testing center. So pre study won't be hard as I can do that from home till the time of the test.

    @bub9001, I agree but if they were to fix that would mean more parts to this exam, which at the growing rate of technology I'm sure there will be a part 3 to this exam in the coming years, hopefully making it all the cheaper but who knows.

    Any other tips or links to testing sites is still wanted.
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    Like suggested go over the parts you missed however be sure to go over the objectives just In case you get a different test? Also flag stuff you not sure about and return to them at end to think about your answer.
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