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Hi guys:

I got the exam next monday 2006-01-16. I'm trying to practice with every tests I got access to. I've downloaded the PrepLogic demo, but it only give me 10 questions instead of 100 as is said on advertisement.

Do you know of others free online or offline preparation tests out there?

I've already taken the ones on techexams, transcender, and syngress book.

Thank u all.


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    Great, thanks, I'm taking them right now.

    BTW, I've seen many questions regarding US Law for government security, I think this latter is outside the scope of Security+, am I right?
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    Nope - Comptia assumes that the world follows US laws icon_wink.gif
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    RussS wrote:
    Nope - Comptia assumes that the world follows US laws icon_wink.gif

    It would be next to impossible to come up with a certification that includes the ins and outs of laws for every country on the planet. But at the same time, CompTIA probably feels that it is important to at least introduce entry level infosec practitioners to law. Perhaps they picked the US because they're based out of the US? (Right here in suburban Chicago)icon_wink.gif
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    shoot keatron - if they are just around the corner would you mind going around there and slapping some sense into some of them? icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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    Heck yeah, if the pay is good enough!!! The CISA and CISM folks are based here too. I can go jack them up too icon_lol.gif for an additional fee. icon_lol.gif
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    I did it dudes, 844 score, no questions about US laws though icon_smile.gif

    I think this one is a very obscure and sometimes ambiguous exam.
    I got 6 questions with the same answer: "Integrity"
    Around 5 questions with the answer: "MAC"
    I doubt on 14 questions, and I had no idea of 5 insane questions, a brainbreaker question about ISAKMP, and others from Organizational Security.

    After memorizing aroung 100 ports, I only got 2 questions with port 22 and 21 icon_sad.gif(

    I'd like to thank u all ppl behind this great knowledge web
    Jose Ramon
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    Right on man. Good job.
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    Congrats jrquieretema - good stuff dude :)
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    Congrats. :)

    I found security+ to be the easiest exam, rather than the opposite. If you study the material, practice and get the terminology down then it's an easy victory. They just try to trick you with questions that have more than one answer. I remember getting a lot of questions about physical security: mantraps, user awareness, viruses and such.

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    good job, congrats
    get back to studying!!!
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