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I am new & want to thank everyone for their contributions to this site.

Quick question:

Am I reading correctly on the EC-Council's website that starting Jan. 1, 2015 there will be a Annual Fee of $80 for membership?

FYI- I will contact EC-Council on Monday to get a clearer understanding.

Thank you in advance.


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    Looks like. Although that is new to me... and they can shove it if they think they are going to get me to pay; that certainly wasn't part of the agreement when I took the CEH and CHFI. Although it's a bit odd that they haven't communicated this to the masses yet (at least I haven't gotten an email.) I will have words with/for them if they want me to pay it; they aren;'t honoring the agreement I signed when I took the exam. JMO.
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    Also noted a BS oddity here: ECE Policy

    Check out #4... you only get credits for written articles, publications, etc. if you identify yourself as a EC-Council certification holder. You literally are required to pimp EC-Council.
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    Ha! That is what Colemic gets for loving CEH so much. Seriously, when my CEH/CHFI expire, There will be a party and all of TE will be invited.
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    It reads as though they are giving the need for compliance with ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 as the reason for all of the ECE changes. 17024 doesn't say anything about a certification provider must collect fees. If the ECC wants me to keep writing exam items for them they should not bother charging me an annual fee.
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    I haven't done any continuing education for my CFHI and CEH and I certainly won't be paying any annual fees. I'm all for a certification burning partying, Colemic :)
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