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Hello out there!
A few months back I bought the Network+ course from GTSLearning. I made that decision based on Professor Messer's videos being incorperated within it. Those videos are great, very well polished! However, those questions on the practice exam seem to get into minutiae. At least that is my take on it. I score in the 90s regulary on Mike Meyers practice exams as well as on CertMaster for Network+. The GTSLearning exam has been giving me a beating!

I am thinking of just not using GTSLearning as an indicator for my exam readiness. Anyone else out there feel the same way or otherwise? Maybe it is just me? And I should study harder?

One other thing I do not like about the course is the way you are 'taken back' to the relevent part of the course when reviewing incorrect questions. All the program does is take you back to the chapter in which the correct answer is located. Not very helpful having to read through the entire chapter to locate the info to the question one gets wrong. How about taking one back directly to the specific page? I would not buy it again.

Thanks in advance for feedback!
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