System Technician Interview Yesterday Morning

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Yesterday, I had a phone interview for a mid-level (not entry-level at all) System Technician for Iris Data Services in Atlanta. Basically, the role requires one to work with Active Directory based network and Linux hots in LAN/WAN topology. Duties include installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading Windows, Linux, and VMWare ESX physical and virtual hosts. The interview went fine, though I was bit stumped when she asked about salary requirement since they're looking in the 30-40K range. She said that she'll get back with me soon since they also doing more interviews around next week. In addition, I also sent a thank you email to her this morning about the interview.

My job search for IT has been varied since starting back in August. A few weeks ago, I had a interview for a Business Analyst position, but I had to turn that down since I couldn't relocate. Another was for a entry-level Cisco engineer for Adcap Network Systems, that one was a technical evaluation where I had to go to a office in Alpharetta to take a written evaluation with a lot of other people. So yes, it was a bit intimidating to say the least. Though I did reviewed what they were asking on it, I didn't do that great since a lot of questions were about Cisco IOS commands along with configuring Cisco routers and switchers. Though I wasn't chosen for additional interviews with them, it gave me a idea that I could look into studying up on Cisco products, in particular their networking equipment so in the event in my IT career that I come across Cisco products, I'll be more familiar with it.

I did get a job offer from Amazon Web Services for a Cloud Support Engineer position since the manager like my extensive experience with Windows server products, but decided to turn it down since I didn't think the company's culture would suit me. A lot was on Linkedin, Monster, Craigslist, Cybercoders, Dice, CareerBuilder, and Glassdoor with applying and following up when I could since I was very busy with my final semester. I heard back from a few where I didn't get picked or the position was filled or went to someone else. I'm graduating this fall with a technical certification as a Network Administrator and took my final exam yesterday. However, I do have a recruiter that I'll be working with after I'm done to get into the field along with resuming studying for the A+ exam (currently doing the 801 right now and then do the 802 exam) and get the Network +. I don't have on-hand experience other than doing some volunteer work earlier this year for a IT organization and my coursework for school along with the various projects and lab work I've done in school.

My advice to those getting into IT: Keep pushing, don't give up. You'll get there.


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