Passed CVoice!!

I just passed the Cvoice today scored 1000/1000. To be honest that test was a bit disappointing. I felt the exam was along the lines of 640-460 plus the topics of CUBE and GK. Its like all of this info they have you study but the exam just glosses over it all..

Materials I used:

Cbtnuggets CVoice
INE CCNP Voice -watched some videos
IPexpert CCNP Voice -watched some videos
FLG Cvoice
2x 2801 CME
1x PSTN 2821
1x FX0
3x fxs
3x vwic-2mft1
3x 7961
2x analog phones

The FLG book was actually a real easy read. Don't get intimidated by the 700 pages. I was going through 50 pages a day with a boat load of typed up notes and configs.

I mainly watched cbtnuggets and watched some videos from other vendors when I felt a topic wasn't covered well enough.

The cbtnuggets did give a great overview on the topics but I felt he went real lazy with covering CUBE and GK. I give Jeremy kudos I was only able to understand qos with him explaining it. Just watching his video series is not enough but I do think watching this video series and reading the book is more then enough to pass the test.

I watched some of the videos from INE and to be honest I think you can use solely that video series and possibly skip out on reading the book for CVoice since his powerpoint covers everything. He goes into so much detail that you know probably won't be covered on the test but its good info for a real world aspect. For example he broke down the call flow between 2 Skinny phones mentioning how ephones and ephone-dn's are actually templates of created virtual voice-ports and its listed as eFfxs ports then went into the call flow of the virtual dial-peers. I mean that's really going above and beyond its really impressive. But with that said I know for some topics I need somebody to whiteboard it for better clarification and I needed that especially for QOS. If he would actually draw on his slides while explaining it I think the INE series would be the perfect series but sadly thats not the case.

I watched some videos from IPexpert I know the Cvoice and the Cipt1 were the older ones not done by Vik and actually looking forward to get into the Vik material. It does cover everything you need to know for the test but its similar to INE how its all Powerpoints. From the videos I did watch it does not get into the same level of detail as the INE videos which also means the entire series is not as long which isn't a bad thing either but it is good enough for just passing the exam.

*My advice is if you choose to use INE or IPexpert print out the pdfs or if you have a tablet with writing capabilities (I use a Surface Pro 3 and take notes on the actual pdf) and take notes directly on the print outs or within a notebook of the keypoints not mentioned in the slide.

Well thats my overview on the material
Now on to CIPT1!


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    Alex90Alex90 Member Posts: 289
    Congrats dude, epic score icon_thumright.gif How long did you spend studying for this one? I've heard CIPT1 isn't too bad either, CIPT2 and TVOICE are supposed to be the real killers.

    Will you be using the same study resources again for CIPT1 (apart from using a different book)?

    Congrats again mate.
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    JeanMJeanM Member Posts: 1,117
    Congrats man! Great job!
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    Legacy UserLegacy User Unregistered / Not Logged In Posts: 0 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks guys! @Alex I took 4 weeks studying I already knew the inner workings of cme and voice gateways. Took me a while to get MGCP, QOS, cube, and GK. So it wasn't that much new content to learn.

    Yes, I'll be using the same resources. I spent a long time trying out to find the right video series to watch since I knew the cbtnuggets series was not really thorough. But after everything was said and done theres no way to avoid I like how Jeremy teaches. I learned the CCNA and CCNA VOICE watching Jeremy so if its not broke don't fix it I guess. The other vendors tend to make voice boring for me. I did find watching them at 1.5 speed a night and day difference. Also, Mark from INE assumes you just went through the ccna voice recently so he has a habit of saying I went over this in the CCNA Voice course so I won't explain it. While Jeremy quickly explains the fundamentals and moves on the new material.
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    TechnoracerTechnoracer Member Posts: 105 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Congrats! CVoice is next on my list of exams.
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    johnnyarksjohnnyarks Member Posts: 136 ■■■□□□□□□□
    dmarcisco wrote: »

    The FLG book was actually a real easy read. Don't get intimidated by the 700 pages. I was going through 50 pages a day with a boat load of typed up notes and configs.

    How long would you say it took you to get through those 50 pgs?
    do you work 8hr shifts (or 12)
    do you get a chance to exercise on study days?
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    mikearamamikearama Member Posts: 749
    Damn bro... nicely done. And with that score, you know your stuff.

    Good luck with IPT1.
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    JollycorkJollycork Member Posts: 149
    Well Done!!! and thanks for the info !!! us novices here really appreciate the tips that you guys give....
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    Legacy UserLegacy User Unregistered / Not Logged In Posts: 0 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I wouldn't say I mastered it but I definitely feel comfortable with it. The exam only grazes the material but without giving to much away some big topics were surprisingly not even present in the exam which definitely worked to my advantage. I feel to show a level of aptitude the test should have a drag and drop or sim with a question that the itsp provider gave parameters of a newly purchased t1 line and you have to configure it or something else along those lines.


    I work 8hr shifts but its not busy. I'm the admin here so a LOT of down time.

    The 50 pages take just about the entire day. Before I dove into a new chapter I watched the cbtnugg videos and took notes on it. So once I got into the book I just took notes on stuff that wasn't mentioned. I thought it wasn't a bad read since I worked with CME and gateways so its not like learning something from scratch. QOS was a nightmare but Jeremy got me through it. My CVoice notes are all over the place, on one note, some typed, some in a notebook. I'm doing a better job with the CIPT1 notes I'm on chp 8 of 14 chapters the holiday season has slowed my progress. I'm hoping to take the test in a possible 2 weeks but more then likely 3 weeks.

    Exercise Ha! I wish. I'm trying to muster up the energy to go before the work day at 5:30am. The challenge is after the gf goes home at 11pm I'm usually up until 2-3am reading/labbing. Thats the only time I can really concentrate. Theres just not enough time in the day..

    Studying for these exams are taking up just about all of my time. It was actually causing some friction in my current relationship but after a serious talk and some compromises on my part it should be good for now.
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