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Hello All,

I have been looking for this forum for some time now. I have stumbled across it a number of times before when conducting research and whatnot, but never joined for whatever reason. Anywho, my currently dilemma is I appear to be a small crossroads in my IT career. I know I wish to be a Systems Engineer, and I am actually one now at my current job, however we only work with the health of DC'S and Account Modifications with AD. While I know I am going to learn a couple of things here and there, I am studying the CCENT/CCNA right now and I feel like it's not going to immediately help my Systems Engineer goal at the moment and is more so just me wanting to be fundamentally sound with the networking side of things. Long story short, what would you all suggest (based on my current certs) I begin studying besides the CCENT to get me further on the path of a solid Systems Engineer? I feel like while I am here at this job, I could be studying something that will help me stand out for my next career move while self teaching myself.


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    You should be studying for the MCSA really. I'm going to get the VCP:DC and MCSA Server 2012 in addition to the CCNA since I like all sides of networking and want a good foundation. I'm just looking to make myself as employable as possible since I'm young and put myself in a position to get a job doing any of those areas I mentioned. CCNA won't harm you any though.
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    Thanks for your input hurricane, I believe that's actually the route I am going to re-commit to. I plan on studying for the 70-686 test, but it's a little tough finding good material on it to prepare for it. I've found a couple of things here and there, but nothing that's catching my grasp. I'll look around on the forums again to make sure. Once I can get an MCSA in Window 7, i'll move on to server 2012 to solidify my resume as a dedicated systems engineer.
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    CCNA is interesting though and I think being a CCNA/VCP/MCSA allows sometime to be a great network or systems engineer.
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