My own ROUTE bootcamp

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I was thinking about doing the INE bootcamp for ROUTE, just to cram some information and just have a total study focus. I keep hearing about the CCIE bootcamps, so I want to do one just for fun! Work wasn't exactly going to release me for 6 days, so I decided to do my own bootcamp. I took Friday off, and this coming Monday too. So far I've managed to read and lab about 12 to 14 hours a day. I'm in total study mode, and focused more than I am on a regular basis coming from work and studying.

I've been briefly jumping on the forums and reading other posts about CCIE scheduled exams, people passing NP exams ...and I must say it's quite inspiring. I'd say a lot of those hard hours come from inspiration, because the caffeine surely isn't working like it used too. Red Bull + coffee + Dr.Pepper with maybe one more coffee, still won't give me that pop I got when I first had a small 8oz Red Bull back in the day. It's crazy how your body adapts.

Looking to take ROUTE by the end of the month. Let's see what happens. Study hard my friends!!

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