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I have this grandiose plan to achieve something interesting in 30 days. I am really determined as I got a job as SIR contingent manager. Yes I have been in the field for a long time but I didn't think that I have done myself justice in the security department.
I plan to get one out of what I call my ultimate 3:

1. MS exam 70-412/exam 70-411
2. CEH

Is there any way one can bag at least two of this in 30 days? I have 20+ years IT background. I have deep understanding of most areas of the present day technologies. What I am looking for is some kind of affirmation and resources that will enable me with this goal. I don't want to sound deparate but any clue that you can provide will be carefully considered and applied thanks.


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    30 days seems extremely short to me. I know you said 20+ years IT background, but do you have the particular experience and skill set to kill one or more of those exams within a month? Also, what is the reason behind the 30 day window? Is it a work requirement? I was going through your old posts and saw that you failed CEH back in 2011, so at least you know what the test looks like. Do you think you are ready to tackle it now? What about the others? Have you done any practice tests for any of them? That would a good indicator of readiness.

    When I was doing my MCITP EA I worked with those technologies every single day and still took me over a month studying for each one of the six tests. CISSP took me 5 months. CEH was the quickest because after CISSP it looks like childs play.
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    I appreciate your input. This is the deal; I have not been taken Certs seriously until this job. I don't think I have knowledge gaps with Security but I believe that I should get the other Certs as well. I am really leaning towards CEH and MS Exam 70-412. If you can, let me know where I can get resources for these two. I will give these a try in January:Some videos and nuggets. I already have the books. They said CISSP can't be done in a giffy: The two other managers on the job has CISSP. Ok! I agree. I also want to develop a way for experienced Pros. to bag their Cert when they find themselves in a corner.
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    The Matt Walker AIO book is sufficient study material for CEH. I'd recommend some practice with basic tools like NMAP as well.
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    I got the book on CEH. So any vides on NMAP that you recommend?
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    what is your plan for the Microsoft exam? Just trying to pass another exam or trying for the MCSA? If it is the MCSA, they modified the requirements and you can substitute the 409 exam for 412 which may be an easier path.

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    jumezurike wrote: »
    I got the book on CEH. So any vides on NMAP that you recommend?

    The only one that springs to mind is the youtube channel called webpwnized. Really I'd just recommend googling around a bit. Download Virtualbox, set up a Kali machine, then get some vulnerable VM's like De-ICE, Kioptrix, and Metasploitable from, and practice running the tools talked about in the CEH book against them. Another fun thing to do is to set up a Security Onion box to monitor that network and analyze the alerts that flag. Don't limit yourself to NMAP.
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    Original plan was MCSE. Huh! You can substitute 409 for 412 really tell me more. I wanted to cap it with monitoring and operating a Private cloud (20246c)--I thing there are two exams. Here but this should be done later not now.
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    Thanks a lot. I have the lab always up but I am going to get the security onion box to do some network monitoring and analysis on alerts.
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