How much subnetting is covered?

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Hi friends,

I am going through the MS Press book and there is a whole section devoted to IP subnetting, supernetting, etc.
How extensively is this covered on the exam? I understand most of it, but I have a hard time determining how many hosts on a subnet, # of subnets, and the calculations to come up with this.

As far as taking binary and decimal and converting between the two, I am golden on that.

I am just curious how much time I should be putting into this section of the exam, because the objectives just say: configure TCP/IP addressing on a server computer. To me that is just too vague. icon_confused.gif

Any help appreciated.


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    It's a bit like asking a carpenter when they come to do a job for you, do you know how to use a saw ?
    You've just gotta know it.
    I was taking some practice tests, one Saturday evening at home (boring sod, aren't I) and I was getting these questions about subnetting, and struggling. So I just got all the books out and web sites like, sat down and 4 hours later could do any subnet calcualtion, in my head, no calculators. I just got a feel for it and found a way that worked for me that I could re-produce at will.
    At very least you must know subnet ranges, and whether 2 ip addresses in CIDR format are on the same subnet. Effects things like routers, DHCP, etc. There will be questions on this in the exam. Supernetting is just subnetting in reverse, so if you can do subnetting, easy. I got no questions on Supernetting in the exam though.
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    Thank you for the reply. I have been studying this knowing that I need to know it (learn it) anyways. I will be reviewing this over and over as I move through the study materials and I like your advice to just keep doing it until you don't need the calculator.

    I was just curious because most of the exam reviews I see from test takers doesn't really mention it, but then again if it's in the study guide I'm sure it is fair game to be asked.

    Thanks again.
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    Thanks to gbhpboy for that OUTSTANDING link. Subnetting has been bothering me for the last 2 days. After having trouble with this topic I came to the board, found the link that gbhpboy posted. And in 4 wasy steps I now understand what the MS and Sybex could not help me understand; Subnetting!! Thanks a million!! :D
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    Another good site is

    I have previously written out a table for hosts, subnets and A,B,C classes before the clock starts on the exam and makes life a lot easier!. :D

    Got my third retake next month
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    you're welcome Chivalry1.

    good advice from Grover 1, as well, saves yourself time, I did something like that.
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