Should I do ISO 27001:2013 LA Cert ? No relevant experience

Rapt0rRapt0r Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hello everyone,

The institute where I successfully passed my CEH are offering me ISO 27001:2013 LA cert course for a good discount (25%).

I am hesitant of pursuing the course at this moment of my time but plan to do the same next year (main target being CISSP) as I wish to be in info sec audit.

Along with CEH I have completed my CCNA cert too but do not have relevant experience in Network/Info Sec as I am currently working as a Tech Support/Tech Helpdesk and have couple of offers in hand in VA-PT.

Please advise if I should pursue this course and if it will be of any benefit if I do not have any experience at this moment of time.



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