Cisco's CCIE Lab Builder

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Hey Guys,

Cisco is releasing the Lab Builder later this month. I will definitely be purchasing at least package 1. The big thing here is the actual lab environment to practice in. The price is reasonable too.

Product Availability:
Package 1: 100 hours of lab time for six months: $300 ($3 per hour)
Package 2: 500 hours of lab time for 12 months: $1000 ($2 per hour)
Available only from the Cisco Learning Network Store
Accessed online using credentials delivered by email

What's Included:
Access to the actual CCIE Routing and Switching virtual lab environment you'll be tested in during the CCIE Routing and Switching Version 5 Lab Exam
The ability to configure lab topologies up to 20 nodes
24-hour-a-day access

Product Features and Benefits:
Work through any lab scenario, with customized lab topologies designed by you in an official CCIE virtual lab environment
Drag-and-drop topology builder with minimal reload times when changing topologies eliminates time-wasting rebuilding and recabling, so you can devote more time to study and practice
Ability to save topologies and resume practice at a later time, giving you the flexibility to practice at your own pace and schedule
No waiting for an appointment to schedule rack rental time
Cost savings over physical rack rental
Convenient, economical solution to building hardware practice labs at home


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