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Anyone attending INE's CCIE R&S bootcamp at RTP during 16FEB-27FEB? I am scheduled to attend.


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    Bootcamp starts tomorrow morning at RTP, NC. Is anyone else attending?
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    Nope :)

    Would have loved to have done a bootcamp but no chance I could have afforded it/got work to pay for it. Who is taking it?
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    Week 1:
    M - Strategy
    T - DMVPN (part 1) / PPP / OSPF
    W - OSPF / EIGRP
    Th - EIGRP / Redis / BGP
    F - BGP

    Week 2:
    M - BGP / IPv6 / MPLS
    T - MPLS / Layer 2 / Multicast
    W - Multicast / QoS
    Th - QoS / IPsec / DMVPN (part 2)
    F - DMVPN / IP Services
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    I am pleased with the training so far. We are on day 3. Dave Smith is our instructor. He is very smart and teaches at an advanced level. The OSPF lecture on LSAs and Areas was very complex. He knows the protocol so well and can explain everything.

    I attended IPexpert's bootcamp last year and was different. There was only a few lectures and were short. IPexpert is centered around the students configuring the instructors design. Example would be to go build EIGRP underlay with DMVPN and OSPF overlay...

    INE's bootcamp is all lecture. 2 massive screens. One with CLI and the other has a network diagram with notes. There is more learning with INE. You hear and see it. You also have the option to configure at the same time if you want.

    I found myself frustrated during IPexpert training when I needed help and had to ask the instructor or look up the protocol. I ended up using my INE workbook. Plus side of IPexpert was the training room was inside Cisco building 3 next door to the lab. We got a 5 min free tour of the lab during lunch break.
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    I did find the INE videos very instructive. I can only imagine the actual Bootcamp's are even better. Glad you are enjoying it.
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    A friend of mine did an INE bootcamp about 6 months back. He said it was crazy how detailed/thorough they were.
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    To be honest, he went into OSPF so deep I got lost. It was over my head. I asked the guy next to me and he felt the same way. There were commands he ran that I had never seen before. He skipped intro and NP to OSPF and jumped straight to advanced IE material. This is not bad. We are still learning and experiencing new commands and a different perspective of the protocol.
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    I must say I was sceptical about INE training videos however after watching quite a few of them with Brian they are fantastic sources and really do go indepth. Sounds like you have a fantastic crack at the CCIE by attending this bootcamp, wish I would get a chance to attend an INE bootcamp.

    How far are you into your CCIE studies if you don't mind me asking?
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    INE's materials are ok as a base, you need to read DocCD, RFC's, other venders if you can get access, blogs, books etc etc etc.

    If you just used INE's workbooks/videos, i doubt you would pass tbh
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    I dunno, there was nothing on my lab that wasn't covered by the INE v5 workbook. I did the v4 workbook as well though too. And watched the ATC. A lot. like, 5 times.
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    I'm attending the INE bootcamp in RTP, NC 11-22 May. Any advice or suggestions prior to attending? Also does anyone have any documentation for the Diagnostic portion of the lab?
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    I would definitely be early on the first day of the course and to claim a seat on the front row. I would sit close to the middle - right. There are two large projections screens on both sides of the instructor. The left side is a network diagram. The right side is a command line. You want to be close to the screen to see the commands entered. I would bring some snacks. We did not take lunch until 1:30 to 2:00pm.

    The instructor will provide an overview of what to expect for the diagnostic section. This is covered on the first day during strategy.
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    awesome, thanks for the advice.
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