MCSE 2012 R2 worth doing?

I have a MCSA 2012 - I have been looking at the different paths for the MCSE 2012 and the resources available seem so thin on the ground. the adv server or Private could MCSE interested me but the lack of books out (and v poor reviews from the ones already out are not promising). HAs anybody else gone done this route.


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    I'm going to start in the negative and say no. I'm unimpressed with my MCSE. I chose a subject which I had the most experience and interest in. But the material was weak and repetitive or confusing. Greg from CBT Nuggets sounded disappointed in how little effort Microsoft seemed to put in to their exam guide (skills covered). I read a copy of the official course notes and parts of that don't seem to align with Microsoft official guide, either.

    I think the MCSA goes a little too far off the track for a "solid introduction" into Window 2012 course. I think 2 exams covering the essentials and a 3rd allowing some freedom (eg how to admin SQL server or exchange) would be ideal rather than the 3 drawn out exams. But I still rate it higher than my MCSE in terms of value.

    In summary, I only got it for any future recruiter pattern matching on my resume.
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    This is the reason why I am thinking of not continuing with the MCSE track because it will probably take me more time and effort to prepare for the next coming advanced MCSE exams but I think it would have been easier if they had well organized study material or preparation tools IMO.
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    I am in the process of studying for my MCSE: Messaging right now. I will admit that the MS Press coverage is sorely lacking for anything 2012 or 2013 at this point. I have a few friends who work for MS and the consensus they have given me is that since Microsoft has ceased the Master certification programs, they have decided to make it harder to achieve the MCSE ranking in general. The lack of official study materials was initially a delay but seems to have been embraced by the folks at MS (look at the constant delays in study guides) as a way of weeding out those people who simply want paper certs. Much more emphasis has been placed in recent years on actually labbing and having practical experience.

    I will say that everything you need is out there. TechNet is a great repository and many of the "inside out" series of books from Sybex are great. The Mastering series are also great resources. I've got a journal in the Exchange section if you want to follow along.

    Best of luck to you whichever way you decide to go.
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