Complete A+ or move on?

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I recently passed 801 and got a job in IT. I'm really liking the job and planning on probably staying with them for at least a year. However, I want to be looking ahead and preparing myself with Certs to get an even better job when the time comes.

My question is should I prepare for and take 802, then move on to Network+, etc. Or, should I skip over 802 and devote my time to Network+, and move on faster to higher Certs? The reason I'm considering this is I've heard that A+ is good for getting your first IT job, but after that isn't very impressive.


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    At this point, without the 802, you will not hold an A+ certification and you are already half-way there.

    I'd say it was a waste of resources to stop half-way, but if you are moving on and not looking back, your money would be better spent on higher level certs.

    The question to you is, "Do you think you will ever need the A+ Certification?"

    It will expire in three years, but not without second half completed, right now, it will be useless at the next upgrade. Could you pass the 802 if you took it? If yes, I'd make the investment, take it, pass it, hold the cert for satisfaction of having it and move forward. Though, I could be convinced skip the second half and move forward with my career at this stage of my life.
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    I think getting A+ and then moving onto the higher level certs makes the most sense. Your choice!
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    Get the A+ then move on to something like Network+ or CCENT. Learn the info and get the experience. The higher in the cert ladder and Job world you crawl the more you will need A+, Network+ or CCENT for a good foundation to build off of.
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    Considering that you are halfway to the A+, I would suggest to just knock it out and get that. It won't hurt you to have it in the short term and it's one more check mark for HR when evaluating candidates should an A+ be recommended, or required. Depending on where you work, you may need it in the future just to check a box (like some government positions). After that, I'd probably recommend knocking out the ccent and then the CCNA as they are viewed more favorably than the N+ in the corporate world. Now, if you really don't know much about networking in general, then the N+ is a good foundation for the basics of networking, however you can just use the material to study and understand and then skip that test and move straight into the CCENT/CCNA route. Of course, if your current employer will reimburse you for passing these certifications, I would highly recommend taking them all as it only makes you look better and valuable on paper by holding all of them (A+, N+, and the CCENT/CCNA)

    Good luck!
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    Does it mean anything to you?
    Sometimes the sense of satisfaction for completing something also brings on a sense of confidence. Most people won't need the A+ after a few years in the field. Especially if you are still employed while you are job hunting. If you get laid off there is a good chance your going to want to have that A+.

    In the end it's up to you. If I was half way thru I would be inclined to finish as the information is important to understand regardless of having the certification.

    Good Luck!
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    If it's not a burden financially I would get it. It's by far the most sought certificate for L1 (Help Desk I commonly) and L2 (Help Desk II, desktop support) positions and while N+ would show more technical knowledge it may not be noticed without an A+ unfortunately.

    If you have a good 6+ months in your current position and have learned enough knowledge to get to L3 (jr admin) or above and can confidently discuss it and show that on your resume, you might be better off saving the money from the 802.
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    I got the 701-702 just before they released 801- 802. I noticed a lot of the questions from Net+ were actually covered in A+ as well so it doesn't hurt. I ended up veering away from Net+ and studied for the CCENT instead. It's Cisco's basics and it's much easier to understand when you get to use cisco's packet tracer simulation. I don't really remember many details from the A+ curriculum but it helped develop my skills in IT.
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    I would go ahead and get the A+ otherwise you studied for the 801 for nothing and what happens if you lose your job? Don't get cocky.
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    I would say, why not? If you're going to bang out a bunch of other certs then it's probably not a big deal but I'd probably complete it anyway. I'm not a huge fan of this cert but you're already half way there. Employers like when their employees get certs anyway so maybe this will get you a kudos.
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    After that, I'd probably recommend knocking out the ccent and then the CCNA as they are viewed more favorably than the N+ in the corporate world.

    Good luck!

    MeanDrunk that was a wonderful little golden nugget, thanks for the share!
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    I agree with others who say to knock out the 802 exam so you have the full A+. A+ is good for 3 years, passing Net+ will renew that for 3 years From the time you pass Net+. Sec+ will renew both A+ and Net+. It's like a stepping stone. Depending on who you talk to, the CompTIA certs are entry level, but they may help with future jobs when HR doesn't know any better.

    A lot of where you go after A+ depends on what you want out of a career. If you want to do Desktop Support / Sys Admin, look at Microsoft Certs. If you want to do networking, look at Cisco. If you want to move into IT Security, There is Sec+, CASP, CISSP, GIAC, CEH
    For what it's worth, many of these certs also count towards renewing your A+ and other CompTIA certs, as long as they are considered next level certs to what you are renewing.
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