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So Ive been in IT supporting WinXP and 7 for several years. This year decided to get 680/685 certs.

I bought the Pearson/Poulton 70-680 book, the MS 70-680 Rapid Review, studied them and did the practice test with the PP book. Took the test in May and it kicked my butt a bit, scored a 550. Been back studying hard, doing more practice test and doing the Transcender practice tests as well.

Took the test again this past Sunday and it was ....HOLY COW...totally different test. The screens were all different, the questions were MUCH harder than I recall. Much more of a deep dive into things instead of broad concepts with some specifics. Did Microsoft change the test. It was MUCH harder than any of the practice tests Ive taken and there was plenty of things on the test I had not seen covered in any of the books. I still managed to eek out a 663/700 (dont ask me how bc I thought I had bombed it!).

Looking for some advice and maybe encouragement, Im not even sure where to begin to fill in the gaps as so much of the test seemed to not be covered in any of the current practice tests or material Ive read thus far.

Cheers and thanks in advance guys!


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    Don't be discouraged, you're almost there.

    I would recommend you also use some type of videos to coincide with your book studying.

    Microsoft certs carry good weight and it will be positive to your career down the road.

    I would recommend you maybe take a break before you start studying again, good luck.
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    I would use some better test exams like Boson or Measure Up. They are well worth it for the explanations alone as to why an answer is correct.
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