Can you see in Monster or Dice if someone visited your profile?

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Received an email from Logic House Ltd for a contractor position based in U.S. This is nonsense as I'd need sponsorship for a contractor position, which is just odd.

I'm trying to figure out from where did they get my email, because I have never contacted them before, and I'm not connected to anyone of that company in LinkedIn (though LinkedIn doesn't show your email to your connections anymore..).

Few weeks ago I created a profile in Monster and Dice, and I made my resume "searchable" for employers, so I guess they got my email from there. But, is it possible to check this out? Is there any message in those sites that says something like "1 visit to your profile in the past week"? Because I can't see it. For example, the sites I use for UK and Spain jobs have such message, so I know when someone visits my profile.


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    Most of them are junk.... I delete 90% of emails i receive from Most are just BS surveys anyway
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    You didn't understand my question. I don't mean Monster's emails. In fact, I opted-out for these emails you've mentioned
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    You can see how many views in monster's resume section but I don't think you can see who viewed your resume.

    Dice shows number of views and offers a premium advantage subscription that will tell you who looked at your resume recently, I have no experience with it so I don't know how accurate it is.
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    alright, I found the info. I was looking for it at an "upper level", that is, dashboard and profile overview.
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    I get e-mails from Monster for French-speaking jobs. France/French is not on my cv and I've never searched for it.
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    I know this doesn't address your question but....Monster is garbage now; don't waste your time on it. When I posted my resume on there a couple years ago, I started to get calls about job offers for selling insurance with cold calling.
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    @yzT Can you please inform me how to check who viewed myprofile on a specific date range in mobster and dice? I have received scam call claiming USCIS and that my immigration records are not all correct and that I would get deported or police will come if I do not put the case on hold for $500. I ended up giving $1200. I also read in USCIS website that these scam callers get persoal information from job portals and fake consultancies. Can you please help me trace it? I have filed police complaint but I need to trace it myself since I am in USA and these scammers from India I think.
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    Anyone can help in my issue?? How to check who viewed my profile in a specific date, in monster and dice?
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    ask monster or dice.
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