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I'm just curiuos on something and hoping someone could answer, does anyone know if the 801 and 802 simulations are the same for each test or if they are different? What would be the best way to prepare for them?


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    No one may answer specifics on the exams. However, you should be prepared to answer any type of question regarding the content on the respective objective list.

    Please do not seek out specifics on the exam on our board. You may find many of your questions answered via CompTIA Q&a

    If you have something. Need some clarification understanding , by all means, ask in the forum.
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    While we cant say what we saw on the tests we can tell you that the tests cover diffrent material and i seriously doubt they would use 801 material on the 802 test. The best way to prepare for them is the same way you prepare for the multiple choice, know the material and youll do fine.
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