Sans FOR408 Windows Forensics?

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I work as a security analyst. We currently send out any forensics work to an outside security company. My supervisor has mentioned it would be helpful if I was able to learn any of this even to take on some of the lighter cases for awhile and reduce the number we need to outsource.

Any input on the FOR408 course for windows digital forensics?
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    It is a good course. I have the 408 last year with Nick Klein.

    It helps you understand the process and goes to detail how to conduct investigations. It is a good start in case you are interested in the Forensics line of work.
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    Thanks, looks like I'm approved through work for the course. Since they are paying $250 an hour now for any forensics they need if I'd be able to reduce even some of what they send out it'll be worth it. Surprising to see the online/recorded classes are the same cost as the live and in person ones, seems like it should be cheaper.
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    I took 408 via OnDemand earlier this year. Totally worth it.

    While it's not quite the same as live instruction, at the same time you can set your pace and there's also a virtual mentor you can contact during the course. Every time I've used them, the response has been within a day.
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    Thanks, great review. I didn't realize you'd get a mentor that you can bounce questions off of. Outside of that though, I still feel like it should be a lot cheaper than the in person computer forensics training. Same thing with regular college classes, sure the teacher has to grade papers and answer questions, but they don't have to actually teach the classes, just doesn't make sense to me. My wife has a few online classes this term and she gets reading assignments sent automatically and has to turn in papers that are graded, that's it, same price as the classes that are taught on campus.
    /rant off

    Anyway, thanks for the input, looking forward to getting it approved through work and starting as the class looks fascinating to me.
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    Always be on the lookout for OnDemand specials:
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    Even better, thanks!
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