CIPT1 DNS question

In the book it states

"DNS name resolution is required for the CUCM server name if remote teleworkers will be
accessing a CUCM with an RFC 1918 private IP address over a Virtual Private Network
(VPN) tunnel.
DNS is required in this scenario because the IP Phone will send a registration to the private IP
address of CUCM that cannot be properly routed over the Internet."

This doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't the teleworker be able to communicate with the private IP of the CUCM since it is accessing the network through a VPN?


  • JollycorkJollycork Member Posts: 149
    I would say the teleworkers should be able to find the remote CUCU server using the remote DNS server once connected via VPN. Lots of mine have no problem.... but the teleworker doesn't have phones that need to find the CUCM server to make calls...
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